About us

GOOD DEAL GUY was founded back in 2015 in Toronto canada .

We started by TESTING diffrent products by going business to business and cutting off the middle men and also cutting down the big box store prices ! 

So when we show up people got excited and bought some product to try and the next time we show up every one was HEY ITS GOOD DEAL GUY ! 

That's how we got our name in the beginning! 

Our goal is to bring the latest smart devices and gadgets at the lowest price possible to offer to our customers!

While shopping online is really fun but it's also could be difficult to pick and choose from thousands of items and hundreds of supliers with diffrent shipping times and diffrent items and etc  

We simply did all that research and try to bring you the most pupolar items from the most reputable supliers in the industry and also with the best shipping times ! 

We do try every single product we sell to ensure the quality and make sure when people buy our items for them self or for gift it will last !