Why I love my smart Fitness tracker!

I have been using my smart Fitness tracker for over a year now and want to share my experience with you.

I really like the feel and also the size of the screen on my smart fitness tracker .its super light so almost don't feel the band on my hand. I pick the red one which is my favourite colour but they also available in black and green and purple. 

Now my favourite part of my smart band. I can see all my text messages and also all my social media message and when I'm busy working or doing my daily routine I don't have to check my phone every time I get a notification and it helps me prioritize my response depending on how urgent I have to respond.  And I can see all that on my screen! There is also a tiny vibration to let me know I got a call or text or other alerts .its optional and easy to turn on and off.

And honestly, I thought I break this smart Fitness tracker in a few weeks and after dropping it a few times and slamming it to the walls at work and gym it still works! 

Enough about how cool it looks and let's check some functionality on this smart band! 

I can check my steps .the distance I walk or run and also how much calories I burn! I can just check it on the screen on my band or I can do it on my smartphone or tablet!

And if you have some fitness goals it will allow you to keep track of your progress over the set period of time.

It can also check your blood pressure and heart rate .so its also a great tool to monitor for someone who needs to monitor themself often for health reasons.

And they are very accurate. A friend of mine who is a nurse try it at work for taking blood pressure and heart rate for clients and she was very impressed with the accuracy! 

Another reason I like this model over some other bands its the charger. There is no need for cords and chargers and all that hassle.it Ithas a build-in USB and just plugs into a block just like the cell phone chargers have or simply plugs to my laptop and I think I charge it every 3 to 5 days. I guess that would depend on how active you are .but I'm totally good with charging it once or twice a week instead of every day.

the app for my smart fitness tracker is super easy to use and has so many cool features that I have customized to my habits and likes.

So overall what I think of my fitness tracker? I love it! 

 if you thinking about buying a new smart band or a fitness tracker and don't want to spend a fortune or looking to buy a nice present for a friend or family this is a perfect fit for you.  




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